A Little Bit About Me

Photo by AlaMODE Photography in San Diego

I'm a mom of 3, and married to a retired chef. Though I grew up in California, we now make our home in Alaska! In the interest of full disclosure, the photo above was not taken in Alaska. No false advertising here.

I love anything made with chocolate & peanut butter, reading US Weekly, going out with friends and ordering obscene amounts of appetizers and desserts, and taking naps. Wandering Target with a Diet Coke (with a shot of Cherry) is my favorite way to pass the time.

I work full-time, so what you won't find here are hugely time-consuming (or super expensive) projects, religiously regular posting, or professional-looking photo editing. What you will find? Ways to keep tidy and organized with a small amount of time and money, deals I find, crafts we try, books I read, the menus and recipes for the delicious food we eat (courtesy of my husband), and my thoughts on life. I also blog about finding time for health and fitness on my other blog, Run Wild in Alaska. Thanks for joining me!

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