Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decluttering Challenge, Day 4!

Today we are in two areas - our Master Bedrooms, and our Office/Desk Areas. You know what that means - go through your own clothes, and get rid of stuff you don't wear regularly. For me, my own clothing is an area where I feel a lot of guilt about getting rid of stuff. But if you've never gotten rid of something you feel guilty about, you've gotta try it! It's a freeing feeling to let go of that guilt and not have to look at something day after day that just makes you feel bad about not liking it, not returning it when you should have, or not fitting in it. Come on... try it!

For the office, don't spend any time actually dealing with the paperwork on your desk. Just make some piles for now. Mine are: To file, Bills, and To Do. You can deal with your paperwork later in small increments, but for now just get through it as quickly as possible. Also, think about your paperwork system - how you store it and how you deal with it. To create a plan that works for you, you have to be honest with yourself about what is working and what isn't.

Pssst.... next week I'll be introducing my new cleaning plan for 2010, with a deep cleaning and decluttering schedule for these same areas. I'm so excited!

• Donate old/unworn clothes & shoes
• Organize nightstands and top of computer armoire
• Throw out broken pens/pencils
• Make sure paperwork system is working
• Check paper, printer cartridges, stamps, and envelopes

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Decluttering Challenge Day 3!

Today we are in the Kids' Rooms and Playrooms/Toy Areas! It's time to make room for all those new Christmas toys! Be brave and get rid of anything your kids don't play with regularly. If you're too nervous to get rid of toys and artwork because you're worried your kids will miss them, hide them in the garage and re-evaluate in a few months. It's also time to take stock of your kids' wardrobes, so you know what you just HAVE to shop for in 2010!

To Do:
• Remove outgrown clothes
• Donate or store unused toys
• Throw out any toys that are broken or missing parts
• Check clothes in next size
• Go through kids' artwork

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Decluttering Challenge, Day 2!

Today we are in the kitchen! Set a times for 30 minutes and get started! Here's my to-do list....

*Go through cabinet above pantry, clean out treats
*Sort through cookbooks
*Look through drawer with spoons, spatulas, etc., get rid of what we don't use
*Go through dishes, kid dishes, plasticware
*Look through pots, pans, and small appliances
*Get rid of serving platters I don't use

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Monday, December 28, 2009

On to the New Year with a Clutter Challenge!

I have a few ideas swirling about how to switch up my cleaning routine for the New Year, but I'll share those later this week.

This week I want to do a Giant New Year's Clutter Purge. I am going to tackle a new area each day this week and get rid of as much as I can. Not an all-day project, I'm thinking maybe 30-60 minutes a day. Anyone want to join me?

I'll post a Clutter Challenge each day. I'm going to post my personal to-do list for each room, but I'm sure you'll have more to add for your own home. Remember, don't get distracted and start to deep-clean, this is just ridding our homes of excess "stuff" so we can start the New Year off right!

*Go through videos and DVDs, get rid of ones we don't watch or are scratched, get rid of all cases and put DVDs in binders
*Purge magazines, get rid of old issues
*Go through blankets, keep only 1-2
*Go through front hall closet

Ready, Set, Go!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some good, cheap Target toy deals

I know I've been MIA, but I'll be back soon (hopefully later tonight) with some new organizational stuff I've been thinking about.

But first I wanted to pass along some good Target deals. Right now their Christmas stuff is 50% off, which also includes their aisle of stocking stuffer toys. I went on Saturday morning and there was tons, but it may be pretty picked over now. Depends on your local Target, of course. But if you're there, swing over and check out these two toys. I know the last thing I feel like buying right now is toys, but these are some pretty good deals.

Fisher Price TRIO Airplane Set

My son got this for Christmas and LOVES it. He is 2 and my daughter is 4, and they can both build with these blocks, sort of a cross between Unifix cubes and Tinker Toys. They give directions for building 4 different airplanes/helicopters, or they can build whatever. At $4.99 I thought I was already getting a good deal, but at half that, it's amazing. It's occurring to me now that I should have grabbed some for birthday gifts.

Yo Gabba Gabba Phase 10 Kids

This is a kids version of Phase 10. It has two different ways to play, one for smaller kids and one for older kids. I think the box says 4+, but my 2-year-old was able to play with a minimal amount of help. They put out a phase card (like 3 red cards, or 3 circles), and you just take turns drawing until someone gets the phase. If your child knows their colors, shapes, and can match numbers, they can play this game. Both my kids had a lot of fun with this game tonight. I believe it's $6.99 regularly, making it $3.50 right now.

They are also clearancing out all their Target brand toys that were on the endcaps, like their little dollhouse, robot, truck carrier, etc. Right now they're 30% off and there are some good deals, but I think I'm going to wait it out and see if they go even cheaper.

Anyone else see any good toy deals this week?

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The best $1 deal at Target

I'm sure almost everyone has seen the flashy $1 bins at the entrance of Targets. When I'm out shopping, without kids, I often find myself picking through the bins, struggling to resist buying another cheap spiral notebook, or a bobblehead pencil or a set of matchstick cars. Most of the stuff in those bins are total junk and will only add to the constant clutter in my house.
There is one item in those bins that I've found to be the absolute best deal. They don't always have them, but when they do I stock up. What are they? The kids fork and spoon set. Don't laugh, it's true! Over in the baby aisle you will find the same fork and spoon sets for up to $5.00! I remember when I first started buying my kids forks and spoons and thought it was highway robbery to pay $4.99 for the tiny cutlery. And come to find out, it IS highway robbery since the same thing can be sold in the $1 bins, still for a profit, no doubt.
The only catch is that the $1 cutlery is usually holiday themed. But my kids can use Halloween and Christmas spoons and forks year round that price. Can't be beat!

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