Friday, October 2, 2009

How the Internet Helps Me Pretend I Know How to Cook

Shhhhh.... I have a secret. I get compliments nearly every time I bring a dish somewhere. And my secret is Although my husband is a chef, I'm not. And we both love to look for new recipes online. The great thing about Allrecipes is that it's like the of the cooking world - gets a LOT of traffic from regular people, who rate the recipes and recommend changes. If a recipe has 4.5 out of 5 stars with 2,987 reviews, it's going to be good. And most of the people on Allrecipes are just normal people, not fancy chefs or anything.

For those of you who use Allrecipes, what are your favorites? Mine are:
Caramel Apple Pie II
Mom's Macaroni and Cheese
Sugar Cookies With Buttercream Frosting
No-Bake Cookies III
Sloppy Joes

If you've never used Allrecipes, try it out. There are great new adventures in food, along with a million versions of the classics. The key is when you do a search, sort by rating rather than relevance, so that the highest-rated recipes come up first. It's also fun to click on a category such as Soups and Stews, and see their 20 highest-rated recipes. You can save favorite recipes to an online recipe box, and print them out to keep in a recipe box or binder.

I feel a little silly writing this post, because in my head I feel like everyone must use Allrecipes as much as we do. But I know that's not actually true. So if you've never tried it, go take a look around!

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Anissa said...

It's my favorite recipe site as well! I use it for almost everything. Another great thing you can do is sign up for their daily emails. There are several categories to choose from and it's so great because you automatically get high rated recipes that you can quickly add to your favorites or just delete. I find this to be a perfect way to add variety into my weekly menu planning. I HATE coming up with new ideas for dinners, and the daily emails really help me out with this.
Some of the favorites I have in my recipe box are:
- Slow Cooker Creamy Potato Soup
- Light and Creamy Brown Sugar and Chocolate Frosting
- Good Old Fashioned Pancakes (these are the BEST)
- Angela's Awesome Enchiladas
- Baked Fresh Cherry Pie
- Goof Proof Coconut Curry Chicken

OH, and I almost always change up the recipes a bit based upon the reviews. What's great about being a member to the site is you can add your personal notes to any recipe for future use.

Rita Christiansen said...

I love that website!
My favorites:
-Cajun Chicken pasta
-Apple Squares
-Authentic Louisiana Red Beans & Rice
-Crispy and Creamy Donuts
-Baked Ziti I