Thursday, December 29, 2011

4-Week Cleaning Schedule for Real-Life, Busy Moms!

One thing I love about the new year is the chance to revamp my routines and recommit to a clean house! While I now work full-time, I never felt that I had the time to clean the house, even when I was a stay-at-home mom! I think that putting it off on the excuse that we don't have time to "do it right" is one of the worst things we can do to ourselves! The effect of even 15 minutes a day is powerful, and usually once you get going, you can squeeze in more time than that.

This year, I put together a 4-week Cleaning Schedule for myself. Each day of the week has a part of the house to focus on, and 2 tasks to do weekly, 4 bi-weekly, and 4 monthly. If you only have 15 minutes, do the white section, the tasks for that room that need to be done weekly. These are the most important things, the regular maintenance-type tasks needed to keep the house fairly clean and generally company-ready. If you have 30 minutes, add the yellow section section, the tasks that can be done every other week. And, if you find yourself still going, add the last turquoise section, the tasks that are more deep-cleaning, and don't need to be done quite so frequently.

There's also an additional page with a Daily Cleaning Schedule, Weekly Laundry Schedule, and a Weekly Menu. After I print these out, I am going to laminate them so that I can write my menu in, and cross off items on my Cleaning Schedule as I complete them.

So here it is! Click on the link, and print away! Enjoy! Or, set up your own schedule that works for you! By the way, the font looks a little blurry in Google Docs, but isn't when printed out.

Psst... I don't wanna hear any comments about the types of things I think can go a whole month without being done, okay? I'm a lazy cleaner, I readily admit it. Something is better than nothing!

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HT said...

I've been looking for a cleaning schedule that matches my family's needs and logistics and this is pretty darn close, I'll use it as a starting point. THANKS!

HT said...

I've been looking for a cleaning schedule that matches my family's needs and logistics and this is pretty darn close, I'll use it as a starting point. THANKS!

Susan said...

This looks good, very doable and useful, thanks!

Liza Coyle said...

This is great. I'm on week 2. Thank you so much, so easy to follow.. First week was tough but now house is starting to look much better.

Liza Coyle said...

This is great. I'm on week 2. Thank you so much, so easy to follow.. First week was tough but now house is starting to look much better.

German Zollinger said...

Heap of thanks for this, Katie! Having a timetable to tackle every task will make cleaning easier. Focusing on the task on hand may result in finishing ahead of schedule and being able to do more than expected. If one is still having troubles with cleaning their place, they should consider getting cleaning tools that will make physically taxing chores easier. Good day!

German Zollinger @
Total Clean Equip

Marcia said...

This is awesome! I added your cleaning schedule to a google calendar here ( because if it's not on my phone, it rarely gets done!

Alicia Eakle said...

I love this! It was easy for me to alter to replace "kids" with home office. Thanks very much!

James said...
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Katie@Simply Clean Living said...

Great idea, Alicia!

Marcia, I'll have to check out that Google Calendar! What a great idea! I can't get anything done without having it on my Calendar either!

Anonymous said...

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teckisha said...

I can't seem to open and print the google doc thing, do you have a pdf copy?

maria smith said...

I like this plan. Almost as efficient as a cleaning service! I like how you prioritize the lists so you can still be effective even on limited time. Thanks!

Alexander Martin said...

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Brittany Middendorf said...

this is wonderful, thank you! I was so overwhelmed I didn't know where to start, but this is a very do-able list with all the spring cleaning included lol.
dare I tell you that I used three magic erasers on my kitchen cabinets and island (!?). I will no longer be freaking out about last minute company

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Mrs. Pillsbury said...

Thank you. I have tried many schedules. This looks like it will work for a a working mom of three young kids. I am excited to try it.

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