Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Costume Run!

One thing I really love about Alaska is how active and family-oriented it is. In the fall, there is a race series held on Tuesday nights, and tonight it was a Costume Run. The run for the kids was about a mile, and they had trick-or-treat stations about every quarter mile.

Of course, I had to make things extra chaotic by not deciding that I wanted to go until like an hour before it started, then frantically trying to find warm costumes for my kids, all while my youngest was crying her eyes out from skinning her knees and our landlord was upstairs doing some repair work. Uh, don't mind your crazy, loud tenants down here, mister!

My son just chose to throw his hockey stuff on (since we were ditching practice anyway, it was already all laid out), and my daughter wore all black with these little kitty ears. Don't worry, she felt that 40 degrees was about the perfect temp to run in a long-sleeved tee shirt and yoga pants, so she ditched this perfectly reasonable jacket.

Time to head down to the start line - isn't this just the absolute most beautiful view ever? Love this park. Miles of groomed, lit trails for running, biking, and skiing.

Here's everyone all lined up and ready to go - love how many people were out there with their kids, all dressed up for a race on a random Tuesday night. Another race tonight elsewhere in Anchorage had over 300 participants, so lots of runners tonight!

I really love this city. 

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