Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Clutter-Free Christmas

So my kids, like most kids, have WAY too many toys. We don't even buy them toys except on Christmas and birthdays. I have no idea where they're all coming from. Reproducing plastic spawn as I sleep.

Anyway, I made it a goal not to give my kids toys this Christmas. I know, I'm a total shrew. But they get spoiled by grandparents, and I was even going to let Santa get them a toy or two. But from Mom and Dad, I vowed, there would be no plastic toys given this year.

I was thinking more along the lines of letting my daughter do a ballet class, buying my son a Lightening McQueen blanket, etc. Stuff they would like, but that wasn't just more stuff.

But I am a slave to commercialism, especially the crisp and clean kind dancing alluringly before me at my precious Target. The stupid toys are calling my name. The dollhouses and the racetracks and the traintracks and the Barbie clothes.... I'm suddenly plotting to spend hundreds on each kid behind my husband's back (although he pointed out that he'd probably figure it out on Christmas morning and know that it was me).

So help! Let's think of some good Christmas gifts that are not just crappy clutter. It can be for anyone, any age. If you read this, you have to leave a comment about a good gift you've given. Ready? Go!

PS: That's totally not my tree or my house. Just a random image I swiped off Google. I don't want you to get the wrong idea...

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Hillary said...

I made aprons one year and scarves another year. For the scarves, I bought a loom set from JoAnns for $20, which made it super easy (I don't know how to knit the real way). They turned out so great.

D said...

My cousin gives out activity coupon books/yearly passes to her kids. Basically the books are full of activities they are going to do throughout the year- different museums and parks and since we are in SoCal the biggest ticket item is the Disneyland pass.

Another new trend is to give one gift on each of these four themes- a want, a need, something to wear, and something to read. That keeps it simple but still fun. As kids get older I think that gets easier too since they just want the one electronic toy anyway.

I'm terrible though. I love buying and making gifts for christmas!

Anissa said...

I've made my kids a picture book with pictures of all their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. They LOVE those books. Problem is, they all now need to be updated...
You can buy the little mini scrapbooks to make them or come up with an even more crafty and clever idea.
The kids are going to be making stepping stones for the grandparents this year, using cement for the stone and then shells, shiny rocks, handprints and imagination for the deco.

The Dobrons said...

I am right there with you Katie...we're were thinking along the same lines. No more room for one more plastic toy that they get sick of playing with. So our ideas are these. Kids like to unwrap stuff. Right? They open it, then no matter what, it's like what else can I unwrap. So we're thinking, cute package of underwear, fruit snacks (which I boycotted buying regularly), clothes, cute sparkly shoes for the girls, coloring books, books, and movies. I feel pretty good about that. And I'm not even getting stressed about our tiny play area getting even more cluttered :)