Monday, February 15, 2010

Fourth Zone!

Master Bedroom and Office!

• Wash windows
• Wash walls, doors, doorframes, and baseboards
• Dust/polish furniture
• Dust walls, knick-knacks, and ceiling
• Flip mattress
• Wash mattress pad and dust ruffle
• Straighten dresser drawers
• Clean under bed
• Clean air vents
• Straighten shelves and drawers in closet
• Wipe down/polish desk
• Put papers into piles
• Sharpen pencils
• Straighten drawers/shelves
• Dust computer & printer

• Donate old/unworn clothes & shoes
• Organize nightstands
• Throw out broken pens/pencils
• Make sure paperwork system is working
• Check paper, printer cartridges, stamps, and envelopes

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1 comment:

Kerry said...

Do I have 2 weeks to do this? I'd better get busy. I'm straightening my office this morning. What a job!!!