Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What Works Wednesday: Straightener Storage (feat. The Corner of Truth!)

Some (read: many) of our organization ideas are born out of my husband's frustration with me. This is one of them. Every time I would straighten my hair, I would leave my straightener out, because I didn't want to put it away hot. But then I would leave for the day, leaving out my bright pink straightener with the ultra-long cord. Sooooo.... one day I came home to this. LOVE! That's an elastic attached to my straightener (probably a now-stretched-out hair tie, to be honest), and I just hang it on a hook. I hang the cord on a hook right next to it (along with one of my necklaces, apparently. Mysterious). I can get it out of the way as soon as I'm done, without nightmares that I'll burn the house down. Makes him happy, makes me happy.

Aaaaaannd... Corner of Truth.... because I like to share something that is NOT working each week as well....
That's the very messy floor of my bathroom/closet. With a giant trash bag of stuffed animals I confiscated from my youngest in a fit of frustration at being overwhelmed by them. I'm very much enjoying how my striped sweater and striped sweater dress are blending in together like one stripey masterpiece.

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