Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lego Birthday Party!

For my son's 6th birthday party, he decided he wanted a Lego party. Well, that's kind of a lie. He actually decided he wanted a Pokemon party, but he doesn't even play with Pokemon, and Legos are his life, so I casually kept pulling up awesome pictures of Lego parties on Pinterest and saying, "Bummer you're not having a Lego party, because this would be awesome." Conveniently, he soon changed his mind!

I've already done a few posts this week about the party, like how I plan birthday parties and how to make marshmallow fondant, so I'll get right to the details!

Decorations/Goody Bags
Thanks to the fabulous Delia at Delia Creates, decorating was super easy. I printed off these sheets of Legos, cut them with a paper cutter, and make some clusters of Legos to tape to the walls.

I always do a portrait wall for my kids' birthdays, so I incorporated the Legos into that as well.
And of course, a Lego "6" for the birthday boy! Note his awesome shirt, courtesy of my sister-in-law.

I downloaded the letters for this birthday banner from Big K Little G. I'm so grateful for all these party-planning mommas out there who freely share their talents and make life easier for the rest of us!

I also had my kids make some Lego creations to decorate the piano.

For the goody bags, we again utilized the talents of Delia Creates and made these cute little Lego boxes, which we filled with the Lego candies that can stack together. These candies are actually super fun to play with. I mean, I assume they would be super fun to play with. Of course I wouldn't sit at my kitchen table after bedtime building with candy Legos.

The cake was inspired by the one on this post, showing a cake that looks like it's being built out of fondant Legos. We decided that was too much work, so we did the Lego part out of the candy Legos we got for the goody bags. Then my son put some mini-figures on there and built a little dump truck to bring more Legos over for the building. That part was his idea and he was so excited to contribute! For more pictures on making the cake, check out the post How-Tuesday: How to Make Marshmallow Fondant.

At the start of the party, we put out two stations. At one, the kids could just free play with Legos.

The other was an art station, where we let the kids decorate their own Lego guy (printable here) and make a head for Pin the Head on the Lego Guy.

Then we had the kids dip some Jumbo marshmallows to make Lego Guy Marshmallow Pops (idea courtesy of Living Locurto). We had them all ready to go before the party, and stuck in some styrofoam with everyone's initials. Then my husband helped them dip the marshmallows, and then later they drew on the faces themselves with some black frosting.

 These ones are my 3 kids' - a girl with hair, a simple smiley face, and a cat. Love the differences!
For other activities, we played our Pin the Head on the Lego Guy...
...and had a Lego hunt. My son drew 4 pictures of Lego creations, made 3 real Lego creations, and we hid 3 of these little paper guys. The kids loved taking turns hiding and finding these.

Finally, we had a Lego tower-building contest, where they had 5 minutes to build the highest tower they could. No pics of that, unfortunately.

For food, we had my son's favorite, cheese balls. Then cheese and crackers made from Saltines and string cheese, and some other "Legos" made from graham crackers and mini marshmallows, stuck on with Nutella. We also had these darling juice boxes made to look like Lego bricks (juice box printables from Delia Creates).

And that was it! Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have questions about anything - I'd be happy to share more details on how we made and did things!

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Thanks again to these blogs for the inspiration and printables!

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