Saturday, December 12, 2009

The best $1 deal at Target

I'm sure almost everyone has seen the flashy $1 bins at the entrance of Targets. When I'm out shopping, without kids, I often find myself picking through the bins, struggling to resist buying another cheap spiral notebook, or a bobblehead pencil or a set of matchstick cars. Most of the stuff in those bins are total junk and will only add to the constant clutter in my house.
There is one item in those bins that I've found to be the absolute best deal. They don't always have them, but when they do I stock up. What are they? The kids fork and spoon set. Don't laugh, it's true! Over in the baby aisle you will find the same fork and spoon sets for up to $5.00! I remember when I first started buying my kids forks and spoons and thought it was highway robbery to pay $4.99 for the tiny cutlery. And come to find out, it IS highway robbery since the same thing can be sold in the $1 bins, still for a profit, no doubt.
The only catch is that the $1 cutlery is usually holiday themed. But my kids can use Halloween and Christmas spoons and forks year round that price. Can't be beat!

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