Thursday, December 31, 2009

Decluttering Challenge, Day 4!

Today we are in two areas - our Master Bedrooms, and our Office/Desk Areas. You know what that means - go through your own clothes, and get rid of stuff you don't wear regularly. For me, my own clothing is an area where I feel a lot of guilt about getting rid of stuff. But if you've never gotten rid of something you feel guilty about, you've gotta try it! It's a freeing feeling to let go of that guilt and not have to look at something day after day that just makes you feel bad about not liking it, not returning it when you should have, or not fitting in it. Come on... try it!

For the office, don't spend any time actually dealing with the paperwork on your desk. Just make some piles for now. Mine are: To file, Bills, and To Do. You can deal with your paperwork later in small increments, but for now just get through it as quickly as possible. Also, think about your paperwork system - how you store it and how you deal with it. To create a plan that works for you, you have to be honest with yourself about what is working and what isn't.

Pssst.... next week I'll be introducing my new cleaning plan for 2010, with a deep cleaning and decluttering schedule for these same areas. I'm so excited!

• Donate old/unworn clothes & shoes
• Organize nightstands and top of computer armoire
• Throw out broken pens/pencils
• Make sure paperwork system is working
• Check paper, printer cartridges, stamps, and envelopes

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1 comment:

Anissa said...

This is the one I need to do the most. EEK. May have to dedicate a whole week to these projects.