Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good Deal at Target on The Biggest Loser for the Wii!

Next time you're at Target, check to see if they have any Wii games on clearance. Ours had the older version of The Biggest Loser for $7! It was on an endcap facing the back of the store, but luckily the nice Target employee pointed it out to me when I told him I wanted to buy the newer version. Again, it is the OLDER version on clearance for $7, not the new one with the blue cover.

We had rented this version through and it's pretty cool! You can choose Lower Body, Upper Body, Total Body, Abs, and Yoga. Within each of those categories there are 5 different levels, and within those 5 levels there are several different workouts that last various amounts of time. This game is truly a great workout for many different skill levels - I am in okay shape and I stay at Level 3-4. I tried Level 5 one time and couldn't even make it through the workout. The Yoga is both relaxing and toning - you can definitely feel it the next day. You also don't need any special workout equipment. They just use the resistance of your body for strength training, and it's amazingly effective.

So if you're looking for a great indoor workout, stop by your Target and see if they've got this one for $7! If not, the newer version is only $30, which I think is worth it. It's a great workout for a snowy day!

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