Friday, August 10, 2012

Fishie Birthday Party - 3-year-old girl

For her 3rd birthday party, my daughter who is turning 3 decided she wanted a "fishie party." So many cute possibilities! Since the party was only for two friends and some cousins, we kept things pretty low-key.

When guests arrived, they decorated some cardstock sea creatures and taped them to a posterboard "ocean." I also had a fishing puzzle out, and some ocean books. Intended to have the fishing game as well, but realized it was at the cabin. Oh well - that one always ends badly at our house anyway.

 Then we had homemade pizza in the shape of a fish, with pepperoni scales.

The  kids "fished" for the prizes in their goodie bags.

Snacks were Goldfish crackers and Swedish fish.

Then we opened presents and had cake. A fishie cake of course!

I also made little fish sugar cookies for the gift bags - I thought the little "3s" on the side looked kind of like fins!

  Gift bags - uber-professionally Sharpie decorated.
And that was it! Short, simple, and sweet, but my little 3-year-old was in absolute heaven. It was more than her little 3-year-old heart could have dreamed of.

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Carrie Smith said...

What did you use to shape the pizza?

Katie said...

Carrie, we just shaped the dough by hand before baking. Sorry, probably not too helpful! :) For the pizza and the cake both, we just eye-balled it.