Friday, October 26, 2012

Easy Paper Plate Monsters

Sometimes I forget that even the simplest things are fun for kids.

My daughter wanted to do a Halloween craft today, and I searched through all the super-cute (and super labor-intensive) ideas online. I didn't have mason jars, I didn't have tulle or paint chips or anything.

Until I stumbled across a blog that had a paper plate ghost with streamers taped to the bottom. Ah, now I can rock a craft like that!

But my kids had other ideas... no ghosts were made after all. Here they are in full-on creation mode.
 And the finished product!
 My daughter's pirate.
 My son's Frankenstein guy.
 And then my 3-year-old made this portrait of her Grandpa Greg, complete with tissue paper hair only on the sides. But then she self-destructed and ripped that part off in a fit of rage and sobbing. No picture-perfect crafting at this house!
So, this isn't a please-Pin-me post. Just a little reminder to sit down and craft with your kids every once in a while. Even markers, tissue paper, paper plates, and tape can do the trick. Just let them create.

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