Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What Works Wednesday: Stair Bins

When we moved into our new home, I immediately knew I needed something for the stairs. People who are not lazy simply go upstairs or downstairs to put things away. Unfortunately, I'm very lazy and often don't feel like running something all the way up or down the stairs. Hence, more bins, creatively named the "Go Upstairs Bin" and the "Go Downstairs Bin."

Meet Mr. Go Upstairs, sitting right under our handy-dandy can crusher (?!?).

And Mr. Go Downstairs
In a perfect world, I would have the kids empty these bins every night. Sadly, life's not perfect and we're still working on getting homework happening every night. But they do get emptied occasionally, and in the meantime, hey - at least all this clutter isn't all over my living room.

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Teresa Moody said...

I would love to find a way to be more organized!

maria smith said...

I always appreciate tips that reduce the constant organization and deep cleaning I have to keep up with. Thanks!

expnayon said...
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