Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Diamond Candle Giveaway!

Let me paint you a picture.... by the light of a flame.... You walk into a store and veer into the candle aisle. You are enticed by "Peaches and Cream" and "Vanilla Sugar Cookie," and find yourself lifting off the glass lids to try each and every one. After hotly debating the merits of fruity candles versus nature-scented candles with your sister or friend, you select the Vanilla Sugar Cookie. You take it home, eager for it to fill your home with its magical scent.... but sadly, it only smells like smoke and wax. The only time you ever enjoy the smell of Vanilla Sugar Cookie again is when you stick your nose right inside that candle.

Has that ever happened to you? Or just me? Time and time again I've been disappointed with a candle I think is going to smell amazing, only to find that it doesn't smell at all while I'm actually burning it.

When Diamond Candles contacted me about a giveaway, I was intrigued by the concept: In each candle, there is a ring inside. Most are worth around $10, but they can be worth up to $5,000. While I was interested in the ring, I wondered if maybe.... finally.... this would be the candle that smelled amazing the entire time I was burning it.

And guess what? It was. I chose the Vanilla Lime scent, and my entire family commented on the fantastic scent first day I started burning it (and several more times after that). "Is that a soy candle?" my husband asked. (Yes.) How does he know these things?

My kids were eagerly involved in the process of burning down to the ring. Every day they begged to burn the candle so we could get close enough to get the ring out, and when we finally unwrapped it, they were practically elbowing each other in the face trying to be the first one to see the ring!
Ooooh..... Ahhhhh.....
Wanna see the ring that came with mine? While there are all different styles posted by customers on the Diamond Candle Facebook page, I really liked the one that came with my candle. It had a yellowish stone in the middle, with diamond-looking stones all around it. If you want to trade your ring, there's also a Diamond Candle Trade page on Facebook (not affiliated with the Diamond Candle website). You can also check out pictures of the rings on Pinterest or Instagram.
Have to wear the ring on my middle finger because my fingers are freakishly small. :(

Waiting for the candle to burn down to the ring made me think of childhood memories of the prizes in boxes of cereal and Cracker Jacks, and the anticipation was really fun. However, my primary reasons for purchasing one in the future would be for their outstanding quality, fast shipping, and amazing scents. They also have customer reviews on their website, which I always appreciate. My husband and I were both impressed by the quality of the candle and the smell, and we will definitely be repeat customers! I think next time we'll go for Cinnamon Roll, Lavender Lemon, or Apple Slice. Check out their website and see which scents appeal to you!

Diamond Candles has offered one of our readers their own free candle (includes shipping!). Enter below!

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Note: I was provided with a Diamond Candle in exchange for my honest opinions about their product.

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