Saturday, August 3, 2013

This is Actual Life

So this kid is hilarious. She's my youngest, and she's famous for being kind of a foodie. She loves spices, sauces, meat, veggies, pretty much anything. But one thing she does NOT enjoy is melted cheese. Weird, right? She can't handle a quesadilla unless she dips it in boatloads of salsa, and grilled cheese is a no-way for her. What kind of a kid wolfs down curry but won't eat grilled cheese? This one.

So the other night I was feeling tired, lazy, and sick of cooking dinner. I decided to make nachos, thinking I would be such an awesome mom. As I set her plate in front of her, she reminded me that she does not like melted cheese, "except the fluffy kind." What in the world does that even mean? Three-year-olds are crazy.

The awesome part is that she informed me that while she doesn't mind "fluffy" melted cheese, whatever that is, she will eat "flat" melted cheese, whatever that is. Lucky for me, she apparently doesn't know the difference between fluffy cheese and "flat" cheese. So for each chip, she would hold it up and ask me, "Is this fluffy cheese or flat cheese?" I'm no dummy - they were all flat cheese. A total miracle. Not one chip on her plate had fluffy cheese, so she ate every single last one. Dipped in boatloads of salsa, of course. :)

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