Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Resolution Round-Up & 2014 Goals!

I don't know what it is, or if it's weird, but I love hearing other people's goals and resolutions. Maybe some of you are the same way? And I absolutely LOVE setting goals! I enjoy having something to work toward, and looking back over past goals and realizing which ones I have met and incorporated into my life is always motivating for me.

Here were mine for 2013. Let's see how I did....

*Pray daily. Failed miserably. We'll try that again for 2014. 
*Nourish my relationships with James and the kids. Be present. Eh, this one was too hard to quantify. What I really wanted when I set this goal was to stay off the computer when my kids were awake, but I was too scared to actually take that step for 2013. But it's on the docket for 2014.
*No Babycenter. It is a waste of time. Goal met!!!!! And this was a HARD one for me. I had spent about 7 years on the Babycenter forums, making friends and developing relationships, getting information and asking/answering questions. But it was becoming a huge black hole for my time, and I was getting sucked into too much internet drama. I did have to pop in for the Amazon deals thread to get good deals on my Christmas shopping, but I stayed out of the forums and discussions all year, which was a major thing for me. 
*Read 50 more books. Goal met!
*Maintain weight and focus on being fit and healthy. Goal met! Well, if I don't count the five pounds I just gained over the break (which I don't - totally temporary puffiness, right?). I did a much better job this year focusing on having a healthy body, doing sports and activities that I enjoy, and working on accepting my body.
*Participate in the hobbies and activities I already enjoy. Eh, I did okay here. I wanted to get myself off the computer in the evenings, and focus on doing some sewing, crafts, reading, etc. I did meet my reading goal, but I don't think I sewed anything all year. :(
*Learn to cross-country ski, and blog at least once a week. Goal sort of met. I did learn to cross-country ski (and I am now totally in love with it), and I did end up with an all-time yearly high of 66 blog posts, but I didn't blog regularly once a week, which is what I meant when I set the goal.

And on to 2014! Here's my tentative list....

Health and Fitness
*Lose 10 more pounds.
*Learn to skate ski, and take a ski class.

Home and Organization
*Follow my 4-Week Cleaning Schedule for 4 straight weeks.
*Have the whole family do Job Jars at least every other week.
*Paint one room in the house.
*Buy new bedspread.

Family and Spirituality
*Stay off phone/computer on weekdays when kids are awake.
*Pray daily.
*Set and maintain a routine for scripture study with the kids.
*Have a weekly Family Night.

*Read 50 books.
*Devote one night a week to sewing, crafting, or blogging.

Whew! That's going to be a challenge! Wish me luck!

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Lori said...

Hmm- your goals look pretty good to me, I'll just use yours! ha ha- no I will add a few of my own:
- cut the i-phone umbilical chord
- focus on providing myself and my family more healthy and nutritious food (limit sweets and baked goods to 1/week, focus more on veggies at meals, limit processed foods as much as possible)
-work towards running one race this year
-watch less tv (personally and as a family)
- stick to our cash budget for the next 6 months

Katie@Simply Clean Living said...

Oooh, a cash budget - I'm jealous! I haven't even touched the area of Finances yet. Oh well, maybe next year... ;)

Desere Mitchell said...

I just ordered my workout and will leave a review on how it works for me. lol