Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Guest Post: Star Spangled Plaque

I'm happy to have a guest poster here on Simply Clean Living today. Lynn, from Lynn Spin, always amazes me with her cute crafts and her fearlessness in using power tools! So take a minute and check out her blog, especially her cute Shared Boy/Girl Bedroom post, and her Basement Car Track. And now, on to some holiday decor and Lynn's tutorial!

I was tired of wreaths that fall apart in storage.  I wanted something for my door that would last me a few years.  So, it was time for me to bust out some power tools! 

Here is the tutorial for my wood star spangled plaque and some tips for using a jig saw.

A hand held jig saw is a perfect way to get yourself comfortable with power tools and wood working.  The best thing to do is to just go slow.  Keep the power pressed all the way, but move your hand and the saw slowly around the wood piece you are cutting out.

I started my plaque by drawing a design on a piece of paper, then traced it around the wood board so that it was even on all sides.

After it was traced I began to cut.  Some times when you are using a jig saw, you will have to back out of the wood and come in from a different angle to cut out sharp turns or curves.  Just keep practicing. :)

After it was all cut out I wasn’t sure how to lay it out. 

 A quick picture text to some trusted friends confirmed that the bubbly part up top and bottom would look better.  It looked like a clown silhouette the other way.  No thank you. 

 First, I painted the whole thing white.  Paint your lighter color first, it is easier this way.  Use blue painters tape on to paint stripes.  I tried it with red and white stripes and then blue and white.  Both look cute.  After I painted, I sanded the edges and distressed it a little too. 

I then cut out a star with my band saw (you can also use a jig saw for this).  I painted it and glued it down to my plaque with liquid nails.  I set a can of food on the top while it dried.
I used my staple gun to attach some wire to the back then hung it on my front door with 2 3M hooks.  I think it looks pretty stink’n cute!

You need:
A jig saw
Paint- red, white, and blue
Liquid nails glue
Picture hanging hardware or wire
It will take about 15 mins or less to cut out your pieces.  But, plan for about 3-4 hours for this project including painting, glue, and drying time.
Enjoy! Get crafty with your bad self!

Thanks so much, Lynn! I love the idea of a wreath that won't get squished or ruined! And I'm completely jealous of your cute front porch!

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*katie said...

I love it! Can't decide which color set I like better, just depends on which one I'm looking at!