Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Fun - Nature Scavenger Hunt!

So at the beginning of the summer, in an attempt to really engage with my kids each and every day, I promised them that every afternoon we would have Afternoon Adventure, where we would do something fun together. This particular afternoon, we did a Nature Scavenger Hunt in our yard. I perused the internet for ideas, and walked around my own front and back yards. Here's what I came up with:

Nature Scavenger Hunt
*a dead leaf
*a leaf with smooth edges
*a leaf with rough edges
*a leaf that is longer than 4 inches
*a dandelion
*a piece of bark
*a tiny blue flower
*a rock that is LONGER than 2 inches 
*measure the car tires _______________ inches
*a pinecone
*a flower with 4 petals
*a smooth rock
*Y-shaped twig
*pine needle
*at least 8 DIFFERENT leaves
*something beautiful
*something interesting

So we had three boys and three girls, so we split them into teams. They worked together to find, measure, and record everything they found. I included measuring a few items, just because I thought it would make it more interesting for my kids.

The kids had such a great time running around the yard, and there was even a lot of helping each other out!

 They were so proud of everything they found!
Afterwards, we came inside and put everything out on the table, and they had to draw one thing they found on their scavenger hunt. I don't know why my daughter looks like she wants to kill me in this picture.

This was a fun, easy idea that all six kids really loved! Try it out!

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