Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daily Cleaning Routine

Here's my daily cleaning routine. A lot of times it doesn't happen, but this is what I aim for. Some things I do each day, other things I switch up throughout the week.

*Make Bed
*Unload Dishwasher
*Put in a load of laundry (Mon: Whites, Tues: Brights, Wed: Kids, Thurs: Darks, Fri: Sheets and Towels, Sat: Catch-up)
*Get self and kids dressed and ready

*15 minutes cleaning/organizing (Mon: Master Bed, Tues: Kitchen, Wed: Bathrooms, Thurs: Kids' Rooms, Fri: Living Room/Hall)
*15 minutes office "job" (Mon: Pay Bills, Tues: Tidy Desk, Wed: Make Phone Calls, Thurs: To-Do List, Fri: Filing)
*Dry Laundry

*Put away laundry
*Clutter pick-up
*Sweep & mop
*Start dishwasher

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1 comment:

Anissa said...

That's extremely organized, way to go! I really do need to take a page out of your book when it comes to laundry routines. I'm just terrible at it. I've usually got clean clothes pilling up in my hallway upstairs... I need to try your "on the bed" method.