Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Seasonal Clothing Swap

For those of you that live in season-neutral states you can either skip over this post, or read it and point and laugh at the rest of us Mom's that suffer through season changes twice a year.

Usually when a season change is in the air you get that kid-like euphoria that an exciting change is around the corner. You are either itching for the warm weather so you can migrate your herd of kids outdoors or you're sick the hot weather and so happy for the cool fall air and upcoming holidays to start. But the euphoria soon wears off when you realize that with this change of seasons comes a nasty little chore I like to call the seasonal swap.

The worst part is the in-between weeks. You know, where it warms up for a few days, you start buying shorts and tank tops and then it's back down to freezing temperatures the next day. So you have to keep your kid's closets stocked with both summer and winter clothes at the same. Such a pain. But then the weather finally makes up it's mind and it's time to do the swap.

I am a tote fanatic. I love those things. So my method for the season swap is to sort all the clothes, shoes, etc. into piles and tote them away. I label the totes with everything that is in them so that I can either use as hand-me-downs later for younger kids, sell them on eBay, donate them, or pass them along to family or friends with kids. I also put a bright colored sticker on the tote if there is more room for clothes in them still.

Another tip for those of you that like to save everything...
I've found that if you pull out the few items of clothing that have some sentimental value (an Easter dress, a hat someone made, a first pair of shoes, etc) that helps you keep from going overboard on saving clothes just because you just can't bear to part with them. Pull them out when you're doing your seasonal swap and put them in a separate tote, labeled as such, and then continue to add to it as needed. That way you've already pulled out the important pieces and you can part with the other stuff a lot easier when the time comes.

I just finished my seasonal swap and took a few pictures of the end result.

All the totes labeled and ready to go up into the attic.

PHEW, closets cleaned out and another project checked off the list.

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Amber said...

Great job! I like how detailed your lables are. This is something I need to go through and reorganize.

Holly said...

That's awesome - luckily I live in a place where we can wear shorts and flip-flops for most of the year. I still have to clean out the too-small clothes, though.

I also have an addiction to plastic totes - my in-laws call me queen of the totes!

Liam's Mom said...

That is great advice! Totes are awesome for protecting clothes! I still need to do the archiving of Liam's winter clothes.