Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Laundry Monster

One of the things I am most strict about around the house is my laundry. Each day of the week is designated for a different load to be done. I toss it in in the morning, switch it sometime during the day, and then dump it out on my bed when it's dry. Then at night before bed, my husband and I each put away our own stuff.

This routine works really well for us and I never end up with piles of unmanageable laundry. We have a small family, so we generally just have one of each of these loads per week. However, if we have more than one, I would still do it on the same day (e.g. both loads of kids' clothes on Wednesday). Here's the routine that works for us:

MONDAY: Whites
TUESDAY: Brights
WEDNESDAY: Kids' Clothes
FRIDAY: Sheets and Towels
SATURDAY: Anything I missed during the week

I dump the laundry on the bed for several reasons. First, then it's not shoved into the basket getting wrinkled. Second, I'm forced to put it away. After I put the clean clothes on the bed, I immediately put tomorrow's load in the basket and take it to the laundry room so I'm set to go for tomorrow. I find that keeping laundry baskets in my house is, for me, a clutter magnet, so I try to keep them in the laundry room.

A friend of mine designates one day as laundry day and just does it all day long. Any other ideas? What has worked for you?

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lara said...

I never wash more clothes than I can wash, dry and put away in the same day. My laundry never piles up. I just fold the clothes straight out the dryer into the correct laundry basket designated for each family member. Easy as pie. I usually do one or two loads every day. I don't separate any of our clothes expect for my hubby's white work shirts.

Holly said...

I usually designate one day and get all the folding and putting away (the worst part for me) done at once. If I don't - I feel like I do laundry all the time!