Monday, June 8, 2009

Where Do I Even Start?

I thought a good first post for the re-launch of Simply Clean Living would be to talk about blitzing. We all have those days when we wake up and think, "WHAT happened to my house?" And it's all so overwhelming that you feel like you can't even start.

I have a remedy for that called blitzing. A blitz at my house is 30 minutes and no more. I set my timer for 5 minutes and spend 5 minutes cleaning each of the six main areas of my house: kitchen, living room, hall/bathroom, my son's room, my daughter's room, and the main bedroom/bathroom. I sometimes adjust that and add in our desk area instead or in addition. I probably do this 1-2 mornings a week.

It's really amazing how much you can get done in only five minutes. I start by taking out everything that doesn't belong in that room, and then move on from there based on what's bugging me the most.

I've hesitated blogging about this because it's really no good without pictures, and I felt stupid posting pictures of a really trashed house. But these are from when we just got back from a vacation, so it felt more valid somehow to have it be so messy. First a before shot, and then an after shot of each area.


Living Room

My Son's Room

My Daughter's Room

Master Bed

Desk Area

As you can see, it's still not perfect, but I feel so much better and more peaceful after doing it. I at least feel like I can actually live in my house, and all those anxious feelings die down. Try it! See what you think!

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autumn said...

i didn't think your before pictures were that bad. lol i have a LOT to learn.

Anissa said...

I love this idea. I will probably start doing with DJ in the evenings. 2 people doing a blitz is even better!

Melissa said...

I've noticed that telling myself "only __ amount of minutes" really helps me not to feel overwhelmed. I really like the idea of doing only 5 mins per room/area. Gonna have to try this... :)