Monday, January 4, 2010

First Zone!

Okay, the first zone we are going to tackle is the Living Room/Hall. Work for about twenty minutes a day. Depending on your house and your cleaning situation, it could take much longer than this to do everything on the list, but that's not the point. Just pick what needs to be done the most and work for 20 minutes a day. We'll be back to this zone later! I'm doing 5 days on deep cleaning this first week, and 5 days next week on decluttering.

Living Room /Hall
• Wipe down blinds
• Dust
• Clean air vents
• Wipe down walls, doors, doorframes, baseboards
• Wash windows
• Straighten bookcases
• Clean out end tables
• Wipe down/polish end tables and coffee tables
• Clean under couches
• Flip and vacuum couch cushions, clean under cushions
• Clean fireplace
• Organize any toys
• Wash rugs
• Spot-clean carpet
• Clean mirrors and picture frames

• Purge old magazines
• Go through videos and DVDs
• Evaluate toys in living room – are they being played with enough to warrant taking up room in the main living space?
• Organize front hall closet
• Print new pictures for wall/change out pictures

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