Monday, January 18, 2010

Second Zone!

Here's the zone for this week and next week - the Kitchen and Dining Room! Deep clean for 20 minutes a day the first week, and declutter for 20 minutes a day next week!

Kitchen/Dining Room
• Empty refrigerator and clean inside and out
• Clean stovetop
• Clean oven
• Hands-and-knees mopping
• Wipe down front of cupboards
• Wipe shelves in cupboards and pantry
• Move stuff on counters and deep-clean countertops
• Clean dishwasher, microwave, toaster oven
• Wash windows
• Wash walls, doors, doorframes, and baseboards
• Clean filters and hood on stove
• Clean light fixtures
• Clean air vents
• Dust
• Wash/sanitize trash cans
• Wash/iron curtains
• Wipe down/polish dining table and chairs

• Clean under sink
• Clean out pantry
• Go through dishes
• Go through small appliances, donate ones that are unused
• Go through kitchen gadgets

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