Sunday, January 3, 2010

Setting Cleaning and Organizing Goals

So is anyone else setting goals for cleaning and organization this year? I'm going to shift my routine just a little bit. My routine basically works, it's just a matter of motivation. Here are the sites that motivated my routine this year:

Just Mommies Home Organization Plan

Daily, I'll stay basically the same. One load of laundry per day, a paperwork job, dishes, general pick-up and maintenance, and sweeping. Then I'll also be adding one light cleaning job per day (vacuuming, bathrooms, etc.). Then each two-week period I'll focus on one zone of the house. The first week I'll do deep-cleaning, and the second week I'll do decluttering.

I'm starting on this tomorrow, and I'll post my list to work from for the first area!

Is anyone else starting a new routine?

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Anissa said...

I need to give this some thought, but I definitely want to do something new. I will be interested to hear about your new methods. If I come up with a new plan I'll post about it as well. Thanks for keeping me motivated!

Anissa said...

OH, and I finally cleaned out my file drawers today. You really did inspire me and I buckled down and did it. I had two trash bags full of shredded paper for recycling (TWO!) and used my new label maker I got for Christmas to relabel all the file folders. I feel so good about what I accomplished today and it's giving me the gusto I need to keep going in other areas.