Thursday, January 21, 2010

Product Review

Tonight I wanted to tell you guys about a great giveaway opportunity through MOLLY'S CLOTHING. This business is run by a friend of mine, and she's giving away some great prizes in exchange for becoming a fan on Facebook, putting a button on your blog, etc.

Molly's Clothing sells really cute clothing, but my personal favorites are their cami tops. They're thick enough that you can wear them as a shirt, or thin enough that you can wear them under things. My favorite is the Molly's Mini, which hits just under your braline, so if you're wearing it under a dress, it doesn't ride up or bunch under your dress. Uh, obviously this wouldn't be a style you'd wear on its own though. ;)

The other awesome thing is that they have little girls' sizes. You know when you have the perfect dress or cardigan for your daughter, and you're searching everywhere for a plain white shirt to go under it? I have two of these for my daughter, the white and the pink, and she loves to wear them under things to make them more modest, or by themselves. If I can find a picture of my daughter wearing one, I'll come back and post it. I just noticed when I grabbed this picture off their website that these are on sale right now. Uh oh... What other colors do I need?

So go check them out! And while you're at it, join the mailing list to be entered to win some cool stuff!

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