Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kids' Chores and Chorecharts

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What types of chores can kids do? Well, pretty much anything! I don't have my kids on a regular chore routine, although I'd like to. But this year over Spring Break I sweetly offered them the opportunity to do several chores each day for money, and then we went to Target at the end of Spring Break and they bought a toy with the money they earned.

Kids can start doing chores when they're really young. Even our 1-year-old gets into the action! She loves to feed the dog, help unload the dishwasher, put the clean silverware away, and pick up toys.

My other two kids are 4 and 5, and they can sort, fold, and put away laundry, wash the dishes, help with dinner, set the table, help load/unload the dishwasher, wipe down the walls, wipe the baseboards, make their beds, clean the sinks, mirrors, counters, and shower in the bathroom, sweep and swiffer the floors, and vacuum. They are also expected to clear off their dishes after each meal, generally keep their toys cleaned up, and periodically go through their clothes and toys to toss/give away.

I should note that I use pretty kid-friendly cleaning products. If you need some ideas, Anissa posted a great post about Homemade Cleaning Supplies awhile ago. For instance, in the bathroom, they just clean with a mixture of water and vinegar.

This summer I'd love to get them going on some sort of regular routine. Right now I just sort of have them help when I want help, but I think having them on a routine would help me to stay on my routine. What sorts of chores do your kids do regularly? Has anyone made anything fabulous to keep track of their kids' chores? I saw the ones listed above on Etsy and I really love it, but I'd love to find something I can do myself. I'd love to see any links if you've got any!

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Kerry said...

I would even do chores if I had such a cute chore chart! Remember the cute charts you kids had? You and Scott thought it was so unfair that Andrea got points simply for "Not Crying". But come to think of it, I don't think she ever got those points anyway.

Erin said...

That chore chart is cute. I may have to get it! Um, I totally love the "Not crying" too funny!

My kids, like yours just do similar chores when asked to, but I've been wanting to get into a routine with a chore chart. Maybe when school starts for Ashlyn.

So, I have a chore chart that I will make someday. I decided that it may not work too well till my kids can read. Here's a link to it though.

Love your blog and miss you!