Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Works Wednesday: Bathroom Organizers

Just wanted to introduce a quick feature called "What's Working Wednesdays," where I briefly show pics of some organization things that are working for me right now. I'd also like to include things that are NOT working, and hopefully get some ideas from readers!

So, to start, I've been having huge issues with my girls' hair stuff. I love the various cute bow holders and things that I see on Pinterest, but I always end up just going back to tossing stuff in a basket. Don't hold your breath, but soon I'm going to write an entire post on how my organizational strategy essentially consists of finding ways just to dump things in a basket.

But anyway, that wasn't working for me. Their stuff was getting all mixed up, and I was always rummaging around, semi-swearing under my breath, trying to find a hair tie while I tightly grasped a ponytail and someone cried. So recently I found these awesome containers at Target, and thought they might be good for our hair stuff. I have elastic headbands in one, hair ties in another, brushes and combs in one, and soft hair ties in the fourth small compartment. Bows and clips go in the bigger, middle section. Hugely giant flower clip was just clipped to the side, ha ha. So far it's working great!

I just don't know what to do with the headbands, though. Right now I have them just hung on a towel rod, but I'm not really enjoying that a lot. Has anyone done the oatmeal can idea on Pinterest? Any other good ways to organize headbands?
I also bought another one for my makeup and hair stuff. Please try not to be jealous of my copious amounts of expensive makeup. It's hard, I know, what with the Burt's Bees lip gloss and classic Cover Girl mascara. I put my bobby pins and barrettes on the left, but it was too hard to see them against the dark bottom, so I just laid down some fabric squares first.

And you can see it better in this picture, but the sides of these compartments are flexible, so you could push any or all of them back up against the sides of the bin, leaving you with several configuration options.

 Looks pretty, right?

If you're interested in buying these, they were in a pretty random spot in my Target, back by where they usually keep the holiday candy, seasonal stuff, and bulk items. Like, exactly where you'd find red and green peanut butter M&Ms clearanced out from Christmas. Not that I was looking.

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