Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy to be Here + Free Printable!

Katie has been asking me to contribute to her site for a little while now and I'm so happy to be here!  Just a little about me: my name is Brianne, I'm a mom of 2 very cute kiddos living in Southern California.  I'm Katie's sister-in-law and friend, a graphic designer and small business owner.  My life can be very busy sometimes, but I've found that nothing helps to keep me motivated than reporting back to friends about projects I've (finally) finished or furniture that's been rearranged for the better.

I hope to share lots of tips and tricks that are working in our lives to make things simpler and cleaner (and livelier too!).

I thought what better way to win you over today than to offer up a free printable.  Since Valentine's day is around the corner I put together this cute print, and we hope you all enjoy it!

To download, click the link below the picture.  (For personal use only, of course).

I recommend printing at Costco, just make sure you click "do not autocorrect" before completing your order.  Happy printing and Happy Valentine's decorating!

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